Enhanced IR Solutions

Lumilant’s state-of-the-art filtering technologies’ hold the potential to enable the advancement of next generation imaging systems, fostering the implementation of high-performance infrared (IR) imaging applications. Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is a technique used to simultaneously capture spatial and spectral information of an object scene, which is a valuable technique for remote sensing. Lumilant’s tunable optical filters are an enabling component for IR imaging systems, defining next-generation spectral resolution, scanning speed and reduction in size, weight, and power.

Lumilant’s filter technology plays an important role in the growth of next-generation commercial remote sensing market, benefitting:

  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Public health
  • Forensics
  • Atmospheric research
  • Disaster managemt

Spectrally Engineered Filters

Lumilant is developing capabilities for fabricating and characterizing dielectric and metal-coated particles for Defense applications. As infrared (IR) electro-optic sensors improve in availability and quality, a strong need exists for comparable improvements in the performance and capabilities of Defense countermeasures. A significant advantage in both performance and capability can be made over traditional filters through spectrally engineered dielectric and metal coated particles.

Integrated Photonics

Integrated photonics empowers several areas of technology including optical sensing, communications, security, high performance computing and biotechnology, offering high performance, low power, and low cost solutions as compared to the traditional alternatives. Lumilant is specifically developing digital and analog optical solutions for sensing, communications, and high performance computing applications, leveraging our capacity for rapid photonic design, fabrication and characterization cycles.